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With this post, Adaugeo is officially CLOSED!
We had some great times here, and they sure will get missed.
Best of luck to all of you.

[voice] Someone is confused.


Does anyone know what these weird statues are all about that seem to be everywhere?

[Yes, he is standing right in front of one]

[video] After the storm finally settled...

[Have a distressed Pokemon here, the communicator itself wavering up and down, because the Pokemon that's holding the item up with psychokinesis was this agitated]

MewMew?! (Transl.: Mewtwo?!)

[It's flying up and down, totally not able to hold still at all, in the background one can see a damaged park, with trees broken, muddy path', flowers under the mud and the pink blossoms that had been on the trees before nonexistent. Yes. Mew was in Vers park again, after the storm ended and was upset at what it had seen all the way to and in the park - All the destruction.]

MewMew Meeew... Mew Mew? (Transl.: Mewtwo where are you... Where did you go?)

[Another Pokemon flys up to the pink one, it's round and yellow and tries to calm Mew down with quiet 'Chingling' noises]

Meeeeew. (Transl.: I'm alright.)

[Even though it sounds everything but alright. Its voice is worried and sad. It hadn't found Mewtwo anywhere in Ver, but it will try looking for the other Pokemon in other sectors shortly. Two other Pokemon appear in the camera, moving over to Mew. Tropius headbuts Mew and the pink Pokemon let itself fall onto the big plant Pokemons back.]

Mew. (Transl.: Sigh.)

[It's rare to see Mew sad like that]

((OOC: Everyone will just understand the word 'Mew' when it talks, except for other Pokemon, animals or mythical creatures. Therefore the translation.))


[Don't we all love it, when these communicators just like... Activate themselves? Like they want to mock their owners for being too stupid to use them? Well. Here goes one of those.]

And you are absolutely sure you can't tell me more?


No. Wait. I mean... You don't seriously think you are a god, do you?! And whose god would that even be? There is no one around!


And I demand to know what's going on here! So. How about you answer my question and I bring you your... Sandwich. Did you know that you don't even have a mouth to eat one?


Oh, my. Okay, okay. I will see what I can do. Just... Just stop repeating yourself!



[[ooc: One supposedly inanimate object trying to communicate with another, yes. ORANGE is that dumb Furon god called Arkvoodle~ Now who would've guessed...]]
[There is a lot of splishing and splashing sound on this side of the communicator, together with cursing that hasn't been heard before... and items being moved, till a not so happy voice, yelled]


What did they do to my botanical garden?!?!?!

[Someone obviously doesn't know the communicator is on and still functions, even though it had been in a lot of water for some time - There are two other voices, that sounded like they were nagging.]

Suuuurskit... Gallade....
Ummm... Just in case someone might be looking for it:
I... Kind of just received notice, that the library - or probably what is still left of it - got... Relocated. To Hiberna.

[A pause.]

Which means I've got a longer way to work now. Much longer actually... Thank you.


[The communicator suddenly clicks on, and the remains of a heavy squishing noise can be heard. Perhaps...a heavy piece of metal hitting mud.  This is followed by a severe, muffled screech of agony, then another, and then a foreign voice speaks.]

Weak. Slow. Inefficient. Veidt. Assume can hear me. Ridiculous design possibly has means of communication implemented as well. Didn't possibly think to get me with this. Possibly not smartest man after all. Rather show yourself than sending puppets! Will take care of useless sacrifice now.

[An angry grunt sounds, but it is followed by a choked noise.  Then, the sound of ruffling material can be heard.  Dried leather, cowhide?  Nope, but something similar.]


How does this work... hello? Mama?

…. Um, dose anyone know where my mama is? Mama was about to take me to the doctor, because I have been sick, and mama wants me to see the doctor.

Mama is going to be very mad at me when she finds I am not at home. She might… yell… or ever scold me.

Oh my... well if anyone sees my mama, or could tell me exactly how to get back home that would me much appreciated. I live a near the church, if that helps.


[The communicator clicks on to start up with a decent amount of static. And some more static. Slowly the transmission stabilizes, starting with the display of the somewhat steady image of a fairly irritated little alien that seems to try his very best to glare that device into submission while pushing buttons and buttons and doing the strangest kinds of adjustments before the sound finally gets through as well.]

Hey. My Tallest?! Can you hear this?

[A pause in which he does some more adjusting.]

Answer to Zim! My TALLEST! Are you still here?!

Oh. This stupid-

[The voice-feed cuts out for a moment and there he goes working some more on the device.]

[Video] Unaware, plz.

[Static can be heard and seen; then, the screen goes dark.  The communicator's location is hard to determine.  The location, however, is dark, with some light breaking in from the bottom of the communicator's view.  Anything visible is hazed and red, as though blood was smeared on the device.]

[A sort of a sigh can be heard; it seems to echo off something very close, and closed in, but it still sounds like a...'normal' sigh.]

[The sigh is followed by other noises.  Whatever is making the noises seems to be...talking? in a definite masculine octave.  Everything 'said' echoes, making it harder to interpret.]

Mmm...gnd dmm...mm hmm...

[The surroundings seem to stay fixed while the light at the display's bottom moves.  Rather, the 'surrounding' must be holding the communicator in place as it moves.  The communicator is inside something.]

Mvm-nnz mm wmm...

[It keeps moving.  The noisemaker must not know the communicator is on.]


[Once the transmission starts, there is a whole lot of static at first. It slowly fades and eventually a voice can be heard. Tired, exhausted, quite short of hope that anyone might even hear this. Every now and then the static returns to cut pieces out of the voice, though.]

...-nybody hear this?

Hello? Is it [---] finally?
Please. If [--- --- ---] hear this, answer me. It's [---].

This is Ashton [--- ---].

[The feed gets more and more stable as it goes on, the static fading more and more.]

I think I am [---] alive. But it's been so quiet. Please. If anyone hears [---]. Reply.

...I don't want to be all alone here. It's scary.

Now someone is really worried.


Do the communicators completely work again? Can anyone hear me?

[nervous fumbling with the device can be heard]

This storm was really heavy... really, really heavy... (Muuurkrow...)

[some mumbling]

If someone hears that... can anyone tell me if he has seen Yuffie?! She should have come back by now! I'm worried the storm hit her while she wasn't in between four safe walls!

Yuffie! If you hear me, please answer!


[voice] - Cry for help!

[The device goes on and the first thing everyone can hear is the strong noise of wind and rain on the other side of the communicator and then...]

MEW!!! Meee-eeew! (Transl.: HELP! We need help!)

[There are other noises too, like... devastated noises of other Pokemon, nearly whimpering]

Ching.. chingling... Bre.... Tro-pius...loom (Transl.: Help.. loosing hold... Hold.... I have you...on)

[The sound of a branch breaking and shocked noises, following right behind]


[All three names sounding at the same time, shortly followed by another lighter noise of:]

Me...ew... (Transl.: You...alright?)

[The last voice sounds hurt and shortly after the connection is cut off again]

((OOC: I forgot. The Translation is only for other Pokemon or animals, humans or other anyone else, would only understand 'Mew' when its talking. The same with the other three Pokemon.))



[The feed turns on to show the translucent Hologram of the Furon scientist, decorated with a deep frown. The mechanical limbs that now are part of the HoloPox are crossed, fingers tapping ever so slightly]

Can anyone tell me if this storm out there can still be considered normal? Sure. There are storms here in Autumnus quite oftenly. But this is... Kind of overdoing it. Have the Spirits decided to play a bit extreme for a change? How is it with the other sectors?


Do you have to endure an extreme version of your usual weather as well?

[Orthopox glances sidewards]

...this is kind of annoying.

[He still doesn't look back at the camera for a moment, maybe two. Then suddenly he turns back to face it once more]

More importantly, though... Has anyone seen Etna lately? Or... Etna?! Can you hear me?! Why haven't you been coming to the Mall for the past two days! I mean... Sure! If you don't want it anymore, you know I'll gladly take over once more~

[Voice] Unwelcome Assault Much?

[Irken is translated: Red forgot to turn the translator off, so it's going over the network exposed]

[voice is raspy, and it sounds winded] Zim, *cough* I need to discuss an issue with you right away....

[Clears throat, then goes silent for a few moments]


[voice sounds a little better now] ....Is there.... something.... you forgot to tell me during our last meeting?



Announcement again.

Just so everyone knows!

The mall belongs to me again, after clearing some issues with my manager. I hope there wasn't too much trouble.

[innocent acting demon here - beware]

Since the mall has already gone through a reorganization and it can't be undone, everything will remain open and for everyones use like my manager so nicely put it already. So no one needs to worry.

[it's money for her anyway]

Have a nice shopping tour in Autumnus' mall!


I... Uh... I've just been wondering if... Eh...
I've been having really bad dreams this entire week now and I'm starting to wonder... Am... Am I the only one? Is this something to do with moon phases or something? I even tried eating less before heading to bed, but... eh...

[a pause]

G-Gyoro says it might be to do with a bad conscience. Because we had to leave our friends all to their own and... Might that be the case?


[Stella is very obviously confused]

I hope I'm using this right. I wish Adam was here to help me figure this out.

[She sighs]

I wish I knew where I was. That would be great. All I know is it's very cold here. It's like it's winter...


[Hajime’s voice shakes as he speaks. He sounds very young and very frightened.]

Uh… what’s going on? They said I could use this to talk. I don’t understand. Where’s Shin? And Mannen and Goh and everybody else? Could somebody please explain this? I’m so confused.


Can I go home now? Please?

[Video] Oh look, Roxas is normal again

Wow, that was just weird.

I mean, I didn't remember anything when I was like that, but I remember everything that happened while I was like that. And it was kind of nice.

[ He pauses and glances away from the camera for a moment, his expression somewhere between confused and happy.]

It's a pretty long story that I don't feel like going into right now, but I don't have any memories of being a kid like that. And as weird as all that was, I've got some now.

[ The boy's expression certainly seems to be taking a turn toward happy and yet there's a tear at the corner of his eye.]

Just... wow, you know? I don't know how it is for anyone that does remember being a kid, but for me, that whole thing was really something special.

Lucia, Tenebrae, Ashton and Lenalee? Thanks for going out and playing with me. I mean, it was just a day in the park, but I had a lot of fun. Xion and Feli? Thanks for talking to me, even if you guys must've been pretty confused.

[ He laughs a little as he scratches the back of his neck.]

Geeze, I got all teary over that!

Well... yeah. I'm kind of sorry to see it end, but I've still got all of you guys, so it's fine.

Anyway, I just wanted to say 'thanks' to everyone.
There is much beeping, bopping, and booping, and some of it is quite prolonged. Apparently someone has accidentally turned the communicator on, and the audio seems to be muffled. Pocket-dialing? The video feed is on, but all the camera sees as of yet is darkness.

There is cursing -- deliberately Antivan -- cursing, sounding like an odd mix of Spanish and Italian but not quite enough to understand much by either. It's hard to tell with a foreign language, but the definitely male voice may be slurring a little. Perhaps he's already found some wine. Or has a concussion. Who knows!

A bang, a thump, and the beeping stops. The cursing, however, does not.


[fumbling sounds can be heard.]

[muttering] How do I get this....stupid....only two...who came up with... cutting off....thumbs??....there, it's working.

[Irken Language] *Ahem* This is your Tallest Red speaking; to anyone getting this message, report back to me immediately!

[Small, stifled sigh]

[sounds sort of peeved; mumbles]  Zim....I know you're here too.


Ah. Is Orthopox around? I wanted to ask if it would be okay for a workmate and me to look at the laboratory you mentioned earlier?

[Voice] - To Anyone She Has Met In Adaugeo

I hope this will reach the people I've had the pleasure of meeting here in Adaugeo.

I'm looking for some plants.

The reason is not important.

If you know anything about the natural flora and fauna of Adaugeo, I would appreciate the help.

04 - Voice

[rather unhappy with the situation]

Do... people disappear from here often? And if we can't get home, where the hell do they go?



It's a little late, but I wanted to thank everyone that had been looking for Murky the other day.

She returned savely some time later that day.


Don't go off like that again. I was worried sick!

[He is already talking to his Pokemon again, forgetting to turn off the communicator]

Oh. Ziii~m.

I have good news!


[It's a warning calling of names in the background]

The egg Glace left me here finally hatched as well! And it looks just like your little cub. So, maybe it's really normal for their offspring too look so different. Maybe their fur will change when they get older?

Eee~vee Eee

[That was an affirmation that the little one seemed to understand what it's mother had said]

It is interesting to see such fascinating little creatures.


[A proud mother and yes... there seems to be another conversation going on, while Stein is talking into the communicatior. Completely ignoring the scientist for now]

[voice] Testing?

[Okay. Have some tapping at first. And a mumbled curse no one may have understood. And finally, he speaks.]

Test. Test test. Hello?
Can... Anybody hear me?


No? Well. That's... Fine. I guess.

[Pause #2]

No, it's not. It's creepy.
...did I let this thing drop into the toilet when I was drunk maybe? Have I even been drunk recently? ...uh...

If there is anyone out there able to hear this... Respond please. I haven't caught any transmssions for a while and now I seriously think this device is broken! Eh... Hello...?

[And he's mumbling some more curses]


Uhm. Hi everyone?

Sorry if I'm bothering someone, but has anyone seen my friend? She often vanishes from home, but she is always back before dawn, but now she hasn't been back since yesterday morning.

[robot cat is worried, because of many things happening here]

Her name is Murky and she looks like-

[there, have some beeping-noises because of him using the communicator in another way even though he is already speaking in it]

-like this.

If you have seen her, I would be happy for a response!



[The video feed turns on to display a very alive and very pleased looking Orthopox. He casts a quick glance over his shoulder, giving away a brief view to the background. Wasn't that the main hall of the mall back there? Well. It certainly had a new, quite alien touch to it somehow.... But there is no time to think about this for long, since the Furon turns his attention to the camera at last, waving one clawd hand in an almost dismissive motion]

Greetings, fellow inhabitants of this... Well. City.
In case we haven't met yet, I am Orthopox. The new owner of your little shopping center, located in the beautiful sector called Autumnus.

If you have been here during the past two weeks you may have noticed, that it had been closed due to... Refurbishment. Yes. Now, I woud like to announce that... I'm done improving his place. It now offers a large variety of new stores and facilities to satisfy the customer's needs.

You need an artificial limb or have lost a vital organ due to being a complete moron?
No problem. Just visit the new laboratory down in the basement. We can regrow basically anything there if you povide us with a few DNA samples.

Our new, improved drug store now finally sells real, highly addictive drugs as well. Special requests are handled on demand.

Visit the electronic store for a variety of new electronic devices to make your lazy days even lazier. Or turn them into BLOODY HELL for your neighbors!

The latest fashion trends are available in the many boutiques as well. The casino and night club are still present of course and have been made even better than before.

And keep in mind: Our toilets are ALWAYS clean! New personel is making sure of that 24/7!

[And now that he is done ranting, he steps aside to allow you full view on the big hall of the mall. Yes. It certainly looks alien now. The fountain now sprouts eerily green water that glows in the dark. Glowing lights the same color illuminate the whole place. The visible shops have darkened windows that serve as advertising screens, telling the visitor what to expect from the shop. Further advertising boards hover within the air lazily and back there, next to that bench one may see... Etna?! Yes. Etna. Wearing something you'd expect to see on a cleaning woman and obviously being -not- very happy about that.]

[PRIVATE to TBL - If you aren't a Furon Mastermind you won't be able to hack this. Sorry.]Collapse )

[[ooc: Since there was no date set for the end of this event I guess I'd better toss this out now... Slow first log has been slo~w...]]



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