Sad Mew upclose

[video] After the storm finally settled...

[Have a distressed Pokemon here, the communicator itself wavering up and down, because the Pokemon that's holding the item up with psychokinesis was this agitated]

MewMew?! (Transl.: Mewtwo?!)

[It's flying up and down, totally not able to hold still at all, in the background one can see a damaged park, with trees broken, muddy path', flowers under the mud and the pink blossoms that had been on the trees before nonexistent. Yes. Mew was in Vers park again, after the storm ended and was upset at what it had seen all the way to and in the park - All the destruction.]

MewMew Meeew... Mew Mew? (Transl.: Mewtwo where are you... Where did you go?)

[Another Pokemon flys up to the pink one, it's round and yellow and tries to calm Mew down with quiet 'Chingling' noises]

Meeeeew. (Transl.: I'm alright.)

[Even though it sounds everything but alright. Its voice is worried and sad. It hadn't found Mewtwo anywhere in Ver, but it will try looking for the other Pokemon in other sectors shortly. Two other Pokemon appear in the camera, moving over to Mew. Tropius headbuts Mew and the pink Pokemon let itself fall onto the big plant Pokemons back.]

Mew. (Transl.: Sigh.)

[It's rare to see Mew sad like that]

((OOC: Everyone will just understand the word 'Mew' when it talks, except for other Pokemon, animals or mythical creatures. Therefore the translation.))
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[Accidental voice] - Totally the wrong source of information

[Don't we all love it, when these communicators just like... Activate themselves? Like they want to mock their owners for being too stupid to use them? Well. Here goes one of those.]

And you are absolutely sure you can't tell me more?


No. Wait. I mean... You don't seriously think you are a god, do you?! And whose god would that even be? There is no one around!


And I demand to know what's going on here! So. How about you answer my question and I bring you your... Sandwich. Did you know that you don't even have a mouth to eat one?


Oh, my. Okay, okay. I will see what I can do. Just... Just stop repeating yourself!



[[ooc: One supposedly inanimate object trying to communicate with another, yes. ORANGE is that dumb Furon god called Arkvoodle~ Now who would've guessed...]]
WTF? (Winter)

[voice] Since the other was inappropriate...

[There is a lot of splishing and splashing sound on this side of the communicator, together with cursing that hasn't been heard before... and items being moved, till a not so happy voice, yelled]


What did they do to my botanical garden?!?!?!

[Someone obviously doesn't know the communicator is on and still functions, even though it had been in a lot of water for some time - There are two other voices, that sounded like they were nagging.]

Suuuurskit... Gallade....


[The communicator suddenly clicks on, and the remains of a heavy squishing noise can be heard. Perhaps...a heavy piece of metal hitting mud.  This is followed by a severe, muffled screech of agony, then another, and then a foreign voice speaks.]

Weak. Slow. Inefficient. Veidt. Assume can hear me. Ridiculous design possibly has means of communication implemented as well. Didn't possibly think to get me with this. Possibly not smartest man after all. Rather show yourself than sending puppets! Will take care of useless sacrifice now.

[An angry grunt sounds, but it is followed by a choked noise.  Then, the sound of ruffling material can be heard.  Dried leather, cowhide?  Nope, but something similar.]


How does this work... hello? Mama?

…. Um, dose anyone know where my mama is? Mama was about to take me to the doctor, because I have been sick, and mama wants me to see the doctor.

Mama is going to be very mad at me when she finds I am not at home. She might… yell… or ever scold me.

Oh my... well if anyone sees my mama, or could tell me exactly how to get back home that would me much appreciated. I live a near the church, if that helps.
Zim has no time for GAMES here.


[The communicator clicks on to start up with a decent amount of static. And some more static. Slowly the transmission stabilizes, starting with the display of the somewhat steady image of a fairly irritated little alien that seems to try his very best to glare that device into submission while pushing buttons and buttons and doing the strangest kinds of adjustments before the sound finally gets through as well.]

Hey. My Tallest?! Can you hear this?

[A pause in which he does some more adjusting.]

Answer to Zim! My TALLEST! Are you still here?!

Oh. This stupid-

[The voice-feed cuts out for a moment and there he goes working some more on the device.]

[Video] Unaware, plz.

[Static can be heard and seen; then, the screen goes dark.  The communicator's location is hard to determine.  The location, however, is dark, with some light breaking in from the bottom of the communicator's view.  Anything visible is hazed and red, as though blood was smeared on the device.]

[A sort of a sigh can be heard; it seems to echo off something very close, and closed in, but it still sounds like a...'normal' sigh.]

[The sigh is followed by other noises.  Whatever is making the noises seems to be...talking? in a definite masculine octave.  Everything 'said' echoes, making it harder to interpret.]

Mmm...gnd hmm...

[The surroundings seem to stay fixed while the light at the display's bottom moves.  Rather, the 'surrounding' must be holding the communicator in place as it moves.  The communicator is inside something.]

Mvm-nnz mm wmm...

[It keeps moving.  The noisemaker must not know the communicator is on.]